NWA champion Nick Aldis reveals he turned down AEW contract


Speaking with Sports Illustrated ahead of the NWA Hard Times pay-per-view, the promotion’s champion Nick Aldis said that working with All Elite Wrestling is brought up to him daily, revealing that he was offered a deal to go join the revolution but opted to stay with the NWA instead.

“If AEW wants to be involved in big, marquee matches, then they have two choices: go out and write some more big checks to some more guys, or they’re going to have to come to the table and work out some super fights with the NWA,” Aldis said.

NWA has been proving itself lately with the new YouTube studio show Powerrr and Aldis has been the face of the promotion for a while.

The champ did work with some of the folks at AEW for the All In pay-per-view back in September 2018 where he wrestled Cody Rhodes for the NWA title, a match which he lost. He regained the title at the NWA 70th Anniversary Show in a two-out-of-three falls match. Aldis has been champion ever since, a title reign which as of this writing is in its 459th day.

“I want to keep having really meaningful moments, like All In with Cody and me, as well as some of our other milestone matches,” said Aldis. “I’ve been able to make my matches feel like the most important thing that day.”