Noelle Foley says something is “in the works” regarding WWE job


The uber cute Noelle Foley, the daughter of Mick Foley, was stopped by TMZ paparazzi while in New York and was asked about her future with WWE.

“Chances are pretty high,” Noelle said, but added that at the moment she’s focusing on getting into modeling. The paparazzo brought up Playboy and if she would consider posing for it, and Noelle nodded in agreement, saying that Playboy already featured her on their website as the “hottie of the week” once.

Noelle said that there hasn’t been any talks with WWE yet about joining the company however there’s something in the works. She would do either wrestling or broadcasting and she feels comfortable interviewing people as she’s already doing similar work at the moment.

Noelle’s boyfriend, WWE super fan Frank “The Clown,” was accompanying her and said that her father Mick hasn’t been hard on him and he’s been really good and respects him to a degree. He said Mick is a “great girlfriend dad.”

You can see the quick interview below.