Nash claims his Twitter was hacked after nude selfie of a woman is posted


WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash is claiming that his Twitter was hacked over the weekend after a nude selfie of a woman was posted on his account.

The selfie shows a woman laying down on her bed with her legs spread as she holds the camera towards the mirror so she gets the full shot from behind. The person in the photo is Jennifer Micheli, a 53 year old fitness model and mother of 3. Micheli has since deleted her Twitter which was under the @RealJenMicheli account. Her Instagram under the account fitgirl4 is still active.

Nash tweeted, “It’s been brought to my attention my Twitter account was hacked. My apologies to anyone that was offended.” Nash has tweeted to Micheli before and even “welcomed” her to Twitter in March of this year when she joined while Micheli has been retweeting certain tweets from Nash.

The tweets were still visible on his WWE.COM profile page however WWE removed the Twitter feed from Nash’s page after realizing about the issue. A simple Google search of “Kevin Nash Twitter” brings up the thumbnail of the image as the first entry although the link leads to a page not found since the Tweet was deleted.

The fact that Nash has communicated with Micheli before is leading to speculation that his Twitter was not really hacked but it was just a mistake of Nash sending the photo public and now he’s trying to cover it up and play it as his account was hacked.

For those interested, the NSFW image can be found here. (Image not hosted by and can be taken offline without notice.)