Nancy Grace of HLN ticks off wrestling community with segment on Warrior


Nancy Grace of Headline News pissed off the worst fan base she could have possibly pissed off by airing a disrespectful piece on the Warrior’s and other wrestlers’ death yesterday on her show.

Grace put a list of wrestlers who died early in their careers blaming drugs and steroids, including none other than Owen Hart, who absolutely had nothing to do with the subject, and others who passed from different conditions.

A doctor who joined via Skype talked about steroids and the effect they had on the bodies and Grace kept insinuating that Warrior passed from his long term use of steroids even though police have not released any information yet.

Diamond Dallas Page, who joined Grace on set, tried to defend the business but had zero chance of doing it as Grace kept her usual idiotic journalist view on professional wrestling.

Vince McMahon, who rarely uses Twitter unless it’s something big, tweeted, “If anything the wrestling world trolled @NancyGraceHLN because she had to put the words “BIG DICK DUDLEY” on the screen. #RIPUltimateWarrior”

“We all make mistakes @NancyGraceHLN. Please admit you made one regarding the death of #OwenHart. You have caused his family great pain,” said Mick Foley.

A lot of others in the wrestling business reacted negatively to the piece on there Twitter, and it’s being urged to use “#boycottnancy” in posts to get it trending. Her name was and is trending worldwide following the segment which you can see below.