More details on the arrest of Kevin Nash and his son


TMZ issued an update on the arrest of Kevin Nash and his teenage son after receiving the two police reports detailing both arrests.

Nash told the cops that his son came home drunk and was aggressive towards him and his wife and the son spit in his face and elbow-checked him. That’s when Nash says he pinned him to the ground and that’s how his son, Tristen, scratched his face.

The son’s version of the story was different however saying that his father did not approve of the relationship he was having with his girlfriend. The 18 year old said that his father then chokeslammed him to the crowd and blacked out when he hit his head to the ground.

According to the police report, Kevin Nash was arrested mainly because the cops felt he was the primary aggressor while his son’s arrest, which came around two hours later, was because another 911 call from his uncle who said that the son was drunk and took a whack at his mom in the kitchen and also attacked him as well.