MMA fighters react to CM Punk joining the UFC


The reaction from UFC fighters about CM Punk joining the organization wasn’t all great according to individual posts on Twitter. Some where supportive, some mocked the idea, and some just didn’t like it.

“WHA?!?!?! @CMPunk!!?!!!!?!! #cantwait,” wrote big wrestling fan Ronda Rousey. Fellow member of the ‘4 Horsewomen,’ Shayna Baszler added, “My biggest concern is that now w/@CMPunk in @ufc, I will have competition on promos!! Cant wait 2 punch u next time u are in LA!”

Roy Nelson congratulated Punk on his contract while Nick Newell wrote that he can’t wait to read all the tweets of “shitty 1-0 & 2-0 fighters calling him out.”

Norman Parke said he will get smashed eventually….”in the women’s division!” Ouch! “CM Punk in the UFC?!? GTFO of here,” said another fighter Ulysses Gomez.

Some mocked the idea of a wrestler jumping into the Octagon, with Alptekin Ozkilic saying, “I hope CM Punk realizes that ufc is actually real fighting. Lol,” while Russell Doane took a more light hearted approach, writing “CM Punk will probably sit on a steel chair between rounds #ufc.” Colby Covington said he always wanted to whoop a fake wrestler’s ass anyway and told Punk “Let’s dance!”

The king of trash talk in the UFC, Michael Bisping, also threw in his two cents. “I see @cmpunk wants to kick ass, well he can kiss my ass! Welcome to the Ufc, let’s do this! @ufc @danawhite.”