Mick Foley ejected from chicken wings eating contest for cheating!


In one of the most hilarious stories of the week, the Associated Press and TMZ are carrying a story about WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley being disqualified and ejected from the Wing Bowl Eating Contest after he was caught…cheating!

Foley was competing at the Wells Fargo Center, the site of the Royal Rumble, versus some of the world’s best eaters and officials judging the competition caught Foley hiding chicken wings in his fanny pack. TMZ says Foley disputed the call but then a video was played on the big screen showing him putting chicken wings in his fanny pack.

In comments to the Associated Press, the always awesome Foley said that he didn’t want to get sick by overstuffing himself like other competitors. “I didn’t want that to be my legacy. So I stretched the rules. I thought people would appreciate that, right here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!” Ha! Foley even retweeted the story from TMZ and played along.

20,000 people attended the event which was won by a guy who ate 444 wings in 26 minutes!