Michael Bay says he was joking with Rock “growing up” comment


Michael Bay said he was joking when he said that Dwayne Johnson needs to grow up and stop wrestling 300lbs men.

“Wrestling fans, it was a joke,” Bay said referring to the comments he said on Entertainment Tonight. “The most important person to see the on-air joke was Dwayne.”

Bay said that he loves watching The Rock wrestle and he hopes the former WWE champion wrestles for 10 more years.

“I joked on air because Dwayne was not at our LA premiere due to his injury,” the Pain & Gain director added.

Earlier in the day, The Rock responded to Bay’s joke about stopping wrestling 300lbs men on Twitter.

“I agree. I’ll switch to women,” Rock said.

You can see the video of Michael Bay making the comments about The Rock needing to grow up below.