Major media outlets cover the Hulk Hogan story


The news of Hogan’s racist rant and WWE’s decision to disassociate itself from him made it to the mainstream media as Hulk’s day from hell continued to get worse by the second.

CNN, ESPN, Fox News, TMZ, ABC News, CBS News, The Associated Press, New York Post, Sports Illustrated, TIME, Washington Post, Rolling Stone, US Magazine, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, BBC, and many other International news organizations all covered Hogan’s news.

Meanwhile, also decided to join in on the party as their legal battle with the Hulkster continues. Hogan sued Gawker for $100 million for posting parts of his sex tape online. Gawker said that they have no idea how the Enquirer got their hands on the transcript as they are under seal in Pinellas County, Florida.

The website is risking shutting down or facing the possibility of being sold if they are on the losing end of this lawsuit due to the fact that they don’t have $100 million to spread around.