Mae Young passes away at the age of 90


WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young has passed away yesterday at the age of 90, days after she was taken off life support and placed under hospice care at her residence in Columbia, South Carolina.

Young’s career started in 1939 and two years later introduced female wrestling in Canada. In 1968 she became the first United States Women’s champion for the NWA.

Her WWE career didn’t start until 1999 when she appeared with her friend Fabulous Moolah on an episode of Smackdown, where she ended up in a figure four leg lock thanks to Jeff Jarrett. She wrestled at the Survivor Series that year and at the Rumble in 200 she shocked the world when she removed her top during the Miss Royal Rumble segment. Later it was revealed that Young was indeed wearing prosthesis and didn’t actually expose her chest to millions of people.

Perhaps her most famous storyline came with Mark Henry when she gave birth to a rubber hand, an angle which is sometimes still mentioned. Showing the tough woman she is, Young agreed to participate in an angle with the Dudley Boyz where she was power bombed through a table twice.

She had made several appearances for WWE over the past decade and her last appearance was at the Old School RAW in March 2013 where she was celebrating her birthday. When the show was over, Vince McMahon and Triple H presented Mae Young a replica of the Divas title as a birthday present.

You can see the very touching tribute that WWE did on Young below.