Linda McMahon reportedly being considered to be the next Secretary of Commerce


The website is reporting that former WWE Chief Executive Officer and current Administrator of the SBA Linda McMahon is under consideration for being appointed as the next Secretary of Commerce.

McMahon already serves on President Trump’s Cabinet but being appointed Secretary of Commerce would definitely be a step-up from her current position. Politico says that according to sources, Linda is interested and will accept the position if it is offered to her.

“Inside the White House, McMahon is viewed as largely pro-free trade and less friendly to tariffs than Ross [current Sec of Commerce]. So her takeover at Commerce, if it happens, might be seen as a shift away from economic policies that critics call protectionist,” the source told Politico. “In an administration filled with big personalities and which has struggled to attract talent, she is appreciated for being low-key, competent, loyal — and easily confirmable by the Senate.”

Linda has largely stayed out of the news ever since being appointed in her current position last year. Trump and the McMahon family go way back and have been close friends ever since WrestleMania IV in 1988. Both Vince and Linda McMahon have donated tons of money to the Trump Foundation and to Trump’s presidential campaign.