Linda McMahon comments on Cabinet position rumors


Linda McMahon appeared on Eye Witness News 3’s Face The State television program yesterday to talk about her longtime friend, and now President-elect Donald Trump.

The former WWE CEO mentioned that he’s the first United States President who is a WWE Hall of Famer and noted how she’s known Trump for a very long time, meeting him at a concert in New Jersey almost three decades ago.

McMahon said that the election campaign was ugly and doesn’t think it brought out the best of either candidate but the American public shouldn’t be afraid because the President Trump we’ll see will be more of that guy who we saw giving the speech in the early hours of Wednesday morning rather than the one during the campaign.

When asked if she will be serving on his Cabinet, McMahon replied, “It would be hard to turn down a request by the President to serve in his cabinet, however, he has not reached out to me in that capacity, so  that’s all I know at this point.”