LAPD continues with search for Gaspard as lifeguard details what happened on Sunday


While the U.S. Coast Guard has suspended its search on the water for Shad Gaspard, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to FOX News that they’re still looking for him and while they could not speak about other agencies, their case remains open and their efforts to search are still ongoing.

Missing persons cases are usually left open until a body is found and considering that Gaspard has been missing at sea since Sunday afternoon, the odds are unfortunately definitely not in his favor. Cops asked for the public’s help yesterday to try and locate Gaspard according to the Los Angeles FOX affiliate news station.

LAPD noted that the LA County lifeguards reported 100 rescues on Sunday due to rough waters caused by bad weather.

Meanwhile, in a story on ESPN where questions where posed to Kenichi Haskett, Section Chief of the LA County Fire Department Lifeguard Division, revealed some extra details on what went down.

The lifeguard who went out to rescue Gaspard and his son and whom Haskett personally debriefed, tried to deliver a rescue can device to help tow the boy but he couldn’t secure it.

It was then up to the lifeguard to make the difficult decision on who to save first. “Based on the gentlemen’s size and the conditions in the water, these are choices we do not want to make,” Haskett said.

The lifeguard said that Gaspard told him to “take my son.” Just three minutes later, the son was safely back on shore and the lifeguard sprinted back to the ocean to save Gaspard.

“A wave pushed him under in the impact zone,” Haskett added. “He didn’t resurface after that.”