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LA Kings mascot “attacks” CM Punk backstage at NHL game

CM Punk continued his “feud” with the LA Kings’ mascot Bailey during the Kings vs Blackhawks NHL game this past weekend at the Staples Center.

Punk, a big Blackhawks fan, got into it with the mascot on Twitter earlier in the year with the two making bets against each other, one of which went bad for Punk as he had to wear the LA Kings jersey and take a photo of it and post it on his Twitter.

While being interviewed backstage at the arena, Punk was saying what he’d do to Bailey if he was with him right now. He said Bailey was a chicken just like the LA Kings and he’s from a Chicago, a “real city.”

Bailey was already behind Punk standing on an ATV and after he passed that remark, Bailey jumped on Punk hitting him with an elbow.

“Welcome to LA, Punk,” said the in-arena host, Carrlyn Bathe. You can see the funny video below.


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