Kylie Rae talks about her departure from AEW for the first time


Former AEW star Kylie Rae addressed her departure from the company for the first time in a post on Instagram.

Rae was released from her contract out of the blue after only making a handful of appearances for the promotion and her removal was said to be an “out of bounds” topic, sparking many speculations over what really went down.

“I don’t know many rumors and honestly try to stay away from everything, obviously. But here: nobody made me leave. AEW took my career to new levels and I’m beyond grateful for every opportunity and experience that has come along the way and wish nothing but the best,” Rae wrote.

Rae said that she always tries to be a good person but she makes mistakes along the way and needed to get her mind, body, and soul right with God. “I wish I had the answers but the truth is I don’t. We all go through obstacles in life and we may want all the answers but we don’t need them. It’s God’s plan and he has shown me what’s truly important in life and to find a blessing in every moment because in the blink of an eye, everything can be gone. So instead of bashing, let’s just love one another and appreciate what we have, or something like that lol sorry I’m awkward,” she continued.

Rae recently appeared for Impact Wrestling.