Kevin Nash speaks to Orlando Sentinel about family incident


In comments given to the Orlando Sentinel, former WWE and WCW champion Kevin Nash said that the whole incident with his son on Christmas Eve was a family issue and due to his son being out of control.

Nash said he never meant to hurt his 18 year old son and no punches were exchanged, saying he only pinned him to the ground to stop him.

“I’m a big, old guy. I could have hit him anywhere,” Nash said. Nash also added that they’re “not the Capones” and they “just opened presents and we went out to dinner” on Christmas Eve after he was released from jail.

This is not the first time that Nash was arrested on battery. In June 2011, he was also jailed on suspicion of battery but the charges were later dismissed due to lack of evidence. In that incident, Nash got physical with a man at a restaurant after a drunk kept getting close to his wife and then came at him with a beer bottle.