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Kevin Nash discusses the death of his son Tristen during podcast


Just days after his son Tristen passed away, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash spoke about the tragedy on his Kliq This podcast.

Nash said that his 26-year-old son suffered a seizure in his room and had a cardiac arrest because of it. He said his son was dead in the room by the time the EMTs came but they managed to revive him in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Nash recounted how Tristen was not feeling well days before his death and both of them decided to stop drinking cold turkey.

At the hospital, doctors hooked up his son to a breathing tube and placed a brain activity monitor but the efforts of everyone were unfortunately not enough.

At 1:45AM on Wednesday, a doctor walked into their room to talk. Nash said that he didn’t want his son to hear so he suggested to go to a different room. The doctor said that his son was in a coma but Nash said that when they whispered into his ear a few times, his heartbeat got elevated and thought he was still listening.

After sitting both parents down, the doctor delivered the bad news. “Your son is not gonna make it,” Nash recounted the doctor saying. He refused to pull his breathing tube, saying it was not an option, and his son died a few later.

“For the people who had helped at the hospital, doctors, nurses, I thank you,” Nash said as he held back tears.

Nash said that both he and his wife were standing over their only child when he took his last heartbeat. “He looked so gorgeous,” an emotional Nash said.

He also said that Ric Flair sent him a message after news came out and he called him asking if he could talk. Flair, who also lost his son, was helpful and gave him some good advice.

“That’s what make this shit work, not some therapist,” Nash said.

You can listen to the emotional podcast below.