Kenny Omega decides… to remain with New Japan


Kenny Omega has revealed that he’s reached a decision over his wrestling future – and he wants to stay with New Japan.

Speaking to Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio, Omega revealed that although he has not yet come to terms, he will be flying over to Japan in mid-February to open contract talks to re-sign with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Omega, whose match with Kazuchika Okada on January 4’s WrestleKingdom show drew mass acclaim, specifically stated that he won’t be in San Antonio this weekend, nor will be he appearing at the Royal Rumble. The current leader of the Bullet Club went on to say that he felt that New Japan needed him more than WWE’s “stacked” roster, and that “there’s a friend of his that didn’t sign with WWE this year in hopes they do something special together.”

Omega didn’t indicate how long he wished to be with New Japan for, other than saying that he envisaged staying with them for at least a year whilst he sorted out “unfinished business”. 

It is worth noting that right now, Kenny Omega and his Bullet Club faction have been phased out of New Japan, thanks to the return of Minoru Suzuki and his Suzuki-gun faction earlier this month. It’s not likely that the Bullet Club being left off of New Japan’s upcoming tour had anything to do with Omega’s contract status, but it’ll be interesting to see how Kenny Omega and the Bullet Club factor into a packed New Japan roster in 2017.