Justin Roberts slams WWE over skewing the Warrior Award and Connor Michalek’s story


Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts launched an attack on WWE and their way of skewing certain stories to make the company look good, with the most recent one being the Warrior Award and the induction of his good friend Connor Michalek at the Hall of Fame.

Roberts noted how at the Hall of Fame last year, Warrior suggested that the company should honor those hardworking people behind the scenes and now WWE edited the speech to make it sound like WWE should honor those outside the company, “because that might make for a better story – and for better publicity.”

Roberts added that he came up with the whole idea of having Connor coming down the aisle and beat Big E for the “InterConnornental” title after Stephanie McMahon asked Roberts what they can give to little Connor when he visited Raw in D.C. The whole plan was changed and Triple H inserted himself in and got “knocked out” by Connor instead and Roberts, who wanted to introduce Connor in the ring, was not allowed to do so.

Justin Roberts goes over the whole back story of his friendship with Connor and how WWE manipulated everything so them, as a company, can look better rather than doing it just for Connor.

Roberts also included a tweet from McMahon, who retweeted the Twitter co-founder quote at the WWE Business Partners meeting last week which said “Philanthropy is the future of marketing, it’s the way brands are going to win.”

You can read the interesting blog at http://bit.ly/1bSC4Jb.