Joey Ryan files second lawsuit against accuser


Joey Ryan has filed a second lawsuit against another woman who lives in California after she accused him of inappropriate behavior this past June during the height of the #SpeakingOut movement. The lawsuit was filed in the Los Angeles Central Judicial District.

The lawsuit states that the woman used social media to publish defamatory remarks against him including sexually assaulting her, engaging in sexual acts without her consent and forcing her to engage in sexual acts through fear and intimidation.

The indie wrestler also added that the defendant published all these statements fully aware that he lives in Los Angeles and that he was a promoter in the state of California, running shows in the area, so her statements caused a negative effect on his career and income.

Ryan is denying all the accusations against him from this particular woman and said that the defendant was fully aware that the defamatory statements were not true.

He is requesting $25,000 in economic damages, $25,000 in non-economic damages, and an injunction to retract all statements leveled against him.