Joanie Laurer’s mother trying to claim control over her daughter’s estate


Raw General Manager Mick Foley wrote on his Facebook that he is trying to help Joanie “Chyna” Laurer’s mother to regain control of her estate following her untimely demise.

Foley noted that Chyna had been estranged from her mother for much of her adult life including her full WWE run, however the two became very close in the months leading up to her death.

He added that there’s not much Chyna owns, “but Chyna’s mom is attempting to do the right thing by allowing whatever personal effects she did leave behind to stay with the family and not with her manager.” There were rumors that her manager, Anthony Anzaldo, was fired by Chyna before she passed away but he still controlled everything. He was the one who discovered her dead body back in April of this year.

A crowd-funding page has been set up with the aim to raise $20,000 to cover all the expensive legal costs. As of this writing, only $1,330 have been raised. If you would like to donate go to–2