Jimmy Snuka’s defense attorney pushes for jury trial in murder case


Defense attorneys for “Superbly” Jimmy Snuka found no objection for the motion to bypass a preliminary hearing in the murder case of his former mistress Nancy Argentino and it looks like the case will go straight to trial.

Snuka, according to the Lehigh Valley Live website, will remain free pending the trial outcome as he is not a flight risk. Snuka is being charged with a third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter after the District Attorney’s office reopened the 32 year old cold case last month.

The WWE Hall of Famer was present at court today but did not speak. He was not in a wheelchair like when he surrendered himself to police and looked better from photos published by the website. Snuka is suffering from stomach cancer.

“The sooner this gets brought to court, to a jury, the better,” his attorney Robert Kirwin said. “It’s not a day he dreads. It’s a day of freedom for him.” He said that Argentino’s death was just an unfortunate accident and not a murder.

Kirwan said a recent ruling allowing hearsay testimony at preliminary hearings make the proceedings a sham. “The benefit (of a preliminary hearing) would have been non-existent,” he said. “No cross-examination, no live witnesses would be testifying,” and the transcripts wouldn’t be available until later, Kirwan said. “He is not dreading this trial. He’s looking forward to clearing his name. and I expect him to be found innocent of all charges,” Kirwan added.