Jimmy Snuka with only few months to live due to cancer


Jimmy Sunna’s lawyer told the presiding judge yesterday that the WWE Hall of Famer is in a Florida hospice and has six months to live due to terminal cancer.

His lawyer was representing him at a hearing where the judge had to decide if to dismiss the homicide charges against him or schedule another hearing to assess his physical condition.

The Morning Call newspaper reported that his wife Carole, who appeared via FaceTime, said that doctors are no longer treating most of his conditions and they’re just making sure he’s “happy and not in pain.”

Judge Kelly L. Banach – who earlier this year ruled that Snuka was not competent to stand trial – did not make a ruling and wanted to see his medical records before completely dismissing the case. Snuka is also suffering from dementia.

Snuka, who also talked to the judge via FaceTime, did not recall ever talking to the judge and said that he spent Thanksgiving with his family, something that his wife denied and called a “figment of his imagination.”

Snuka told the judge that he still believed he could wrestle.

The Hall of Famer was charged in the death of his mistress Nancy Argentino, a crime that happened back in 1983. He was a suspect back then, but the case went cold, and was only reopened after some great investigative work by The Morning Call newspaper journalists.