Jimmy Snuka goes to trial in March 2016 for the murder of his mistress


“Superfly” Jimmy Sunka will go on trial in March 2016 for the murder of his mistress Nancy Argentino, a case dating back to 1983 and which is finally seeing the light of day thanks to an investigative report by the Morning Call newspaper in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

A Lehigh County judge on Tuesday set March 22 as the trial date with the trial expecting to last around a week. Judge Kelly L. Banach will be presiding over the case.

The judge also told the family of Argentino that they have to stop posting links related to the case on their Facebook, specifically her sister. There is a gag order in place, issued on November 2, that prevents either side from talking to the media. Prosecutors, relatives, and friends of Argentino and Snuka are also part of the gag order. The judge said that if the links on Facebook don’t stop she will consider sanctions against the prosecution according to the Morning Call newspaper who was present for the hearing.

Snuka, who is battling stomach cancer and bouts with dementia, denies all the charges and was at the hearing as well. Snuka remains free on $100,000 bail, paid by his ex-wife.