Jim Ross delivers two surprises at his shows in New Orleans


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross hosted two sessions of his show Ringside: An Evening with Jim Ross yesterday at the House of Blues in New Orleans, Louisiana, in front of jam packed crowds.

The early session had a surprise guest in the form of Jim Cornette while the late night session had an even bigger surprise, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

JR recounted stories from his childhood living on a farm before going into details about his early days of professional wrestling and then moving to his eventual departure from WCW because he was “too southern” and then joining WWE.

A Q&A then proceeded and the late night session was interrupted when the host read a question from a tweet – obviously a set up – about who’s JR’s favorite Texan apart from Dr. Death.

JR said that he’d have to think about that, but not for long, and said that person is right here in New Orleans. The crowd erupted at the obvious answer and out came fellow WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin to a large ovation from the crowd.

Austin then spent the rest of the show answering questions from fans with Ross.

You can see a clip from the show below.