Jeff Jarrett to make major announcement on April 7


Jeff Jarrett has chosen the date of April 7, the day after WrestleMania XXX, to make a major announcement, revealing what he and his wife Karen have been working on since he quit TNA.

Jarrett resigned from his post as Vice President of TNA Wrestling on December 23, 2013, catching everyone in the wrestling world by surprise considering he was the co-founder of the company.

In his latest video, Jarrett said that he and his wife are excited as the next wrestling fan and they are humbled by the support and excitement shown by fans.

“Monday, April 7 is going to be our first major announcement and I’m very, very excited,” Jarrett said, with Karen adding that they will soon be able to scream and yell to the world what they have been working on.

You can see Jarrett’s latest video below.