Impressive trailer for The Evolution of Punk released


“Within us all… there is a fighter.”

The impressive trailer for The Evolution of Punk, the four-part documentary series which will be airing on FOX Sports starting next Monday at 9:30PM EST, has been published online by the UFC. Described as “underdog, icon, rebel, and punk,” the trailer shows what’s coming over the next month as we take a behind-the-scenes look at CM Punk’s journey to become a UFC fighter.

Cameras followed CM Punk everywhere: the streets of Chicago, driving to Milwaukee for training, getting punched in the face, learning mixed martial arts, at home with his wife AJ, and pretty much everywhere else where a story could be told.

“I’m 0-0 and I’m getting a shot at UFC and it’s not right, and it’s not fair,” Punk says in the trailer. “It might not work out,” he adds as shots of him training in the brutal Chicago winter are played.

“This is their world, I’m just getting started in it,” he says as fans chanting “CM Punk! CM Punk!” are heard in the background.

You can watch it below.