Hulk Hogan says Warrior is a good choice for WWE Hall of Fame


TMZ caught up with the Hulkster in New York and asked him about the Ultimate Warrior being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Hogan acted like he didn’t know that WWE announced Warrior’s name and then said, “Good choice for the Hall of Fame. He’s a good man.”

Hogan and Warrior have quite a long and bad history together and Hogan was on the receiving end of a harsh commentary by the Ultimate Warrior a couple of years ago which he delivered via an online video.

Warrior often claimed that he was brought into WCW so Hulk Hogan could get his win over him in return for Hogan jobbing for him at WrestleMania VI in Toronto. Hogan got that pinball on Warrior at Halloween Havoc 98 in probably one of the worst matches in professional wrestling history.

You can see the TMZ video below.