Hulk Hogan getting trolled by UK fans on Twitter


In another Hulk Hogan story, the former champion has been looking like a fool on Twitter as fans, mainly in the United Kingdom, are trolling the Hulkster and tricking him to retweet photos that are actually celebrities or sports stars across the pond.

Fans have been sending photos of black footballers Rio Fedinand, Kolo Toure, Danny Welbeck, and others, including one photo featuring Drake. They all say “me and my dad” or “me and my mate” support him during these rough times.

Hogan, who fell for something like this multiple times before retweeting photos of child molesters or kidnapped individuals, have been on a retweet mission to try and soften the blow he received this past weekend. The problem is that Hogan is looking more of an idiot retweeting these pictures rather than getting sympathy.