Hulk Hogan files new documents in court against Gawker


Hulk Hogan has filed new court documents pertaining to his sex tape lawsuit against Gawker asking the judge to launch a full investigation into Gawker head Nick Denton and former Gawker executive AJ Daulerio to prove that they were the ones who leaked the confidential transcripts to The National Enquirer, leading to his dismissal from WWE.

In the newly filed documents in a Pinellas County court, Hogan asks that if the investigation turns out to be that Gawker was indeed behind the leak, he wants everyone involved to be jailed and wants an automatic win to his $100 million lawsuit according to TMZ.

Hogan is claiming that Gawker leaked the story to the media to make him look bad and damage his reputation before the case starts in October as Gawker’s Denton already claimed that if they lose this lawsuit it could be the very end of his company.

Gawker’s President and general counsel Heather Dietrick denied the accusations saying Hogan is the only one to blame for what he said. She said that no one from Gawker had any role in leaking the information.