Hulk Hogan to do autograph signing at Orlando store later this month


Hulk Hogan is doing another autograph signing at his Hogan’s Beach Shop in Orlando. Situated on International Drive, this newest location was opened during WrestleMania week in April.

Tickets are $60, $100, and $200. Each ticket will allow you one autograph and one photo with your own camera. If you do not have an item you’d like to get signed, the store will have 8×10 photos available.

$60 tickets are for children aged 12 and under. $100 is a standard adult ticket that includes a small item to autograph such as an action figure, t-shirt, bandana, etc. The $200 ticket is for large autographed items such as replica title belts, large posters, WrestleMania chairs, etc. If you need additional items autographed, it’s $60 extra as well. Children 5 and under may enter the event for free but will not get their own photo/autograph.

The autograph signing will be on June 24 from 4PM to 8PM. The store will be closed during the event so if you need to do some shopping, go earlier. Tickets are available at