HuffPost Canada looks at Hogan’s upcoming Fan Expo appearance


W-O reader Francis Lalonde sent in word that Huffington Post Canada is carrying an article which has a Q&A with Hulk Hogan promoting his upcoming Hulk Hogan: Uncensored show which will happen at the Metro Toronto Convention Center’s John Bassett Theatre this Friday.

This will be Hogan’s first time doing a Q&A as part of the Fan Expo in Canada. “There’s been this crazy love affair between me and all my Toronto Hulkamaniacs,” Hogan told the reporter who pointed out that it’s his first appearance at a convention in Canada.

Hogan called his match against The Rock at WrestleMania 18 as one of the biggest moments of his life, mainly because on that day, “fans made a huge statement: no one can ever tell them who to like and who to hate.” That night in Toronto, the Canadian crowd went crazy for Hogan even though he was supposed to be the heel as part of the nWo.

The Q&A session at the expo will be moderated by Hogan’s close friend and business partner Eric Bischoff. You can read the interview at