Hogan’s team allowed to investigate theory that Gawker leaked tape to Enquirer


Florida Circuit Judge Pamela Campbell sided with Hulk Hogan’s team yesterday after she ruled that Hogan’s attorneys can investigate its claims that Gawker employees were the ones who leaked the racist-filled tape to the National Enquirer.

Gawker, which completely denies these allegations, were the only ones who were going to capitalize on this leak as Hogan claimed that the leak was done on purpose to damage his chances in his trial against them. Gawker will be appealing the decision. Hulk is suing Gawker for releasing parts of the sex tape years ago for $100 million.

Hogan’s team can now do a forensic inspection of certain Gawker employees’ computers, servers, e-mails, and text messages according to the Tampa Bay Times which continues to cover the lawsuit in court.

“The limited discovery is being permitted for the sole purpose of determining whether or not this serious allegation is true,” Campbell wrote, adding that specific terms such as “racist, “Hulk Hogan,” and “DVD details” can be searched. The court-appointed expert will be the ones doing this inspection with all the expenses being carried by Hulk Hogan.