Hogan’s Beach restaurant getting re-branded with no more Hogan affiliation

Hogan's Beach

Hogan’s Beach, the restaurant on premises at the Best Western Bay Harbor hotel in Tampa, Florida, is getting re-branded and is being sold to different investors.

Ben Mallah, a real estate investor who’s listed as the owner according to the Tampa Bay Times, said that no sale is guaranteed until closing but Hogan’s affiliation with the restaurant will not continue no matter what happens.

“We’ve had a two-and-a-half-year run with that brand,” said Mallah, noting the restaurant has done well. “It’s time for a new brand. Everything changes.”

Mallah said that Hogan licenses his name to the restaurant but there’s no ownership interest despite paperwork filed with the Florida Secretary of State saying differently. The restaurant is listed as owned by Hogan with Hogan’s home address as the registered address on file. The documents were filed on February 11, 2015.