Hulk Hogan still training as if “something big” is ahead


In a tweet earlier today, Hulk Hogan said he’s “aiming for WM32,” before correcting himself saying, “I will explain again I WAS aiming for 32.”

The former WWE and WCW champion was fired from WWE late last month after The National Enquirer uncovered audio of Hogan using a lot of racial slurs which are part of the sex tape lawsuit against Gawker.

“I am training like there is still something big ahead in my future,” Hogan added. Over the past year Hogan told fans and the media that he was training for a WrestleMania 32 match at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas, after Vince McMahon gave him his blessing as long as he passes all WWE medical tests.

Hogan has been erased from WWE, with no mention of him on the website including the removal from the Hall of Fame section.