Hogan says there are no hard feelings towards WWE and Vince McMahon


When TMZ.COM paparazzi caught up with the Hulkster in New York this week and asked about any hard feelings towards WWE, Hogan had nothing but praise for the company helped build.

“Brother, WWE is the best. No doubt. I love those guys. That’s my family,” Hogan said. Hogan’s fall from WWE came in June when audio recordings from his sex tape were released, revealing a lot of racist remarks. WWE cut him off completely, booting him from a judge on Tough Enough and wiping him from the WWE.COM website and removing him from any video montages.

But despite all this, Hogan is cool with Vince McMahon. “The only hard feelings I’m gonna have with Vince McMahon is when I get him in the ring again,” Hogan said.

The WWE Hall of Famer also joked that he would love to be the running mate of Donald Trump and thinks the United States is ready for Vice President Hogan. Apparently a lot of people thought he was serious and Hogan had to clear the air on Twitter. “Yo haters I was just joking about the VP thing, PLEASE!!!!” he wrote.