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High school student arrested for attempting an RKO on principal!


When WWE public service announcement videos saying not to try the moves at home, it also means don’t try them at your workplace, outside, or even at your school.

But 18-year-old Gianny Sosa tried his luck anyway by attempting an RKO…on his high school principal no less! The incident took place at the Miami Southridge Senior High School two days ago and it led to Sosa being arrested.

CBS4 Miami uploaded footage of what happened, showing the principal standing in the middle as bunch of students walked around in the hallway. Then out of nowhere – pun intended – a student shows up and says “RKO” as he grabs the principal’s neck. The principal is quick though and immediately blocks it, grabbing the student in a headlock as the other student filming the whole thing bursts out laughing.

Sosa then started recording as the principal called for police over the radio. “Now that I’m recording you don’t want to touch me huh? Oh now you don’t wanna hit me,” Sosa is shown saying.

Appearing in court, his defense counsel called the arrest report “the most insane” he’s ever read and said that everybody knows that wrestling is fake and his client was simply joking around and he never had any intentions of hurting the principal.

After he was granted release from jail without having to post bond, Sosa said, “What I did, it wasn’t intentional. I wasn’t trying to hurt nobody. I understand he had to use some force ’cause he might be worried, but the situation escalated when he took me into a private classroom with no cameras and continued to use force.”

Sosa’s sister also jumped to his defense, adding further analysis that if he wanted to hit the RKO, he would have started it from a distance, not from a standing position! “He wasn’t going to harm him in any way and if he really wanted to harm the principal in any way he would have to do the RKO move from a distance. Like you just can’t walk up to somebody and grab him by the neck and drop him!”

Hey, tell that to Randy Orton!

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