Harley Race diagnosed with lung cancer

WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling legend Harley Race has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Ric Flair, appearing on a podcast, said that the cancer was terminal however upon further clarification from David Marquez of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, the cancer is not terminal and he’s being treated by doctors. There are many rights cancer patients have after being exposed to asbestos. Once you receive a doctor’s diagnose of cancer, it can shake your world up and cause an array of feelings. You will find yourself having to worry about medical bills, your personal progression and even legal help. Because diseases linked specifically to asbestos are known to be preventable, exposure in some cases can be proven to be negligence on the part of manufacturers and companies. You have the right to get compensation for negligence for yourself and your family. Seek legal help from https://www.855mikewins.com/ in your state to help you when you need it most. When the term medical malpractice is used, doctors making surgical mistakes or accidentally physically hurting their patients is usually what comes to mind. The large number of outspoken individuals who do not trust doctors fear that a physician will harm them and that they cannot be trusted. But the majority of medical malpractice cases have nothing to do with a doctor physically harming a patient or even prescribing a drug that harms them. Instead, most cases involve misdiagnoses, diagnostic error or delayed diagnosis.You can Going Here if you want to learn more about legal claim.

The Types of Diagnostic Errors

There are a number of ways in which a doctor may fail to treat you correctly as a patient. They are responsible for much more than just treating you, they are also legally responsible for catching certain illnesses and diagnosing them correctly. The types of diagnostic errors a physician can be sued for include:

o Failure to diagnose-a doctor is responsible in many cases for catching early signs of certain cancers, diseases or disorders. If a doctor, for example, treats a patient for a throat issue and fails to pick up on the obvious warning signs for throat cancer and have the patient screened for cancer, he or she can be held legally liable for the further injury or death that may result.

o Delayed diagnosis-a diagnosis for deadly diseases and conditions must be made promptly when the physical signs are present. If a doctor has a patient who complains of dizziness, coordination or visual hallucinations who he or she fails to screen for brain cancer until the cancer has developed to a debilitating point, the doctor can be sued.

o Misdiagnosis-it is also the responsibility of a doctor to make the correct diagnosis. It is common for doctors to make the wrong diagnosis in difficult cases, but the doctor should continue to take all possible routes towards finding the correct diagnosis. If a doctor did not bother to send the patient through the proper testing to ensure that his or her diagnosis was appropriate, this inaction can be seen as gross negligence.

Can I ask you something? When you hear asbestos law suits, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it money?

I guess you are not alone with that. Because the fact of the matter is, all of us came across with articles or reports in the media about personal injury cases, where asbestos victims received large dollar amounts in compensation settlements. And doubtlessly, in some instances, the received awards appeared to be disproportionally high. But are they really that high, considering what a mesothelioma victim has to deal with? We can’t forget that there is always another side to the story.

Nobody can deny that if you are facing the burden of dealing with a severe and maybe even fatal health condition, you have to find a way to catch up with the enormous medical expenses. And believe me; I am not saying that lightly, in fact I just know too well what I’m talking about. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and I received my Renal Cell Carcinoma (cancer of the kidney) diagnosis only seven months later. And even if you are among the fortunate ones who are actually covered under a good insurance plan, a health condition like cancer leaves you with a huge bill for medical costs either way. But the costs for treatments for cancers caused by asbestos exposure are even higher. On top of that, all currently available treatment protocols can only help the patient maintaining his quality of life to a limited extend, however, don’t provide a cure.


“I’ve just spoke to Harley Race’s family and yes he has been diagnosed with lung cancer but it’s not terminal. He’s being treated and supervised by his doctors. He is still very active in @worldleaguewlw and appreciates everyone’s concerns,” Marquez wrote.

Considered to be one of the toughest guys in the history of the business, the 75-year-old Race had an active career that spanned three decades wrestling with the AWA, NWA, WWF, and WCW. He now runs the World League Wrestling, an indie promotion in Missouri and also active in the Harley Race Wrestling Academy.

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