Gawker Media responds to Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit


Gawker Media – the company which published one minute of the Hulk Hogan sex tape and a full play-by-play of the whole video at – responded to the Hulk Hogan lawsuit saying that Hogan’s claims that they ruined his reputation is bull because his reputation was already ruined!

Attorneys for Gawker said in the response that Hogan admitted that he lied and cheated in his books and admitted he was an adulterer in one of his two books so the video couldn’t have caused any more harm.

Gawker also says that the website didn’t record the tape, it just published it and since Hogan is a celebrity it was newsworthy for everyone.

The company is also trying to invoke the law that protect news sources so they don’t have to reveal the identity of the individual who leaked them the footage.