Gawker hoping for “reversed or radically reduced” judgment in Hogan case


Gawker is bullish on the idea that the appellate court will either reverse or radically reduce the combined $140 million that the jury awarded Hulk Hogan during the two week trial over his sex tape.

Founder Nick Denton told CNN Money that the unsealed FBI documents had “increased our level of confidence” that appeals courts will side with Gawker eventually. Despite the fact that in theory it has a very good chance of happening, Gawker still has to put up $50 million in bond money to appeal and Denton didn’t want to talk about how they will pay if the appeals court sides with Hogan again.

Gawker and Hogan returns to court some time in May as the company starts its appeals. Judge Pamela Campbell, the same one who presided over the trial, will head up the hearing.

The former WWE and WCW champion Hulk Hogan is now doing media rounds to talk about the case and hoping to get back his WWE job. When a TMZ paparazzo caught up with Hogan in New York, Hogan jokingly said that he’d love to punch Vince McMahon in the nose!