Gawker attorneys request to introduce new evidence in Hogan trial


The legal team representing Gawker Media today made a request to introduce new evidence into the trial, evidence that come from the seal records that the 2nd District Court of Appeal in Florida ordered to be unsealed.

The new evidence in question is a DVD that came from the FBI investigation into the alleged extortion attempt against the former WWE and WCW champion. The sealed records could be damning for Hogan and his legal case against Gawker although at this point it’s not known what the court is unsealing. The fact that Gawker wants the DVD entered as evidence is a good indication that more bad news awaits Hogan.

Hogan’s attorneys have filed a motion with the court halt the release of the sealed documents until the trial is over because releasing them now could have serious consequences at a critical time in the trial, a trial which is expected to wrap up next week.