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Friend defends Nash Carter, says Kimber Lee was served with divorce papers


A friend of the just-fired Nash Carter of MSK has jumped to his defense, saying that Kimber Lee got mad because she was served divorce papers this past Monday and he’s done with her.

“She’s mad that this is all happening so she’s turning to Twitter because she’s outraged that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. It really is that simple,” said a tweet by @QueenEMarie11, who lists herself as a professional dancer, fighter, and wife.

“This is a case of an enraged soon-to-be ex-wife who feels she’s entitled to alimony,” she continued.

Carter got fired after Lee uploaded a second picture of himself as Adolf Hitler doing the Nazi salute after a day before accused him of domestic violence.

“And who brought it to light with the intention to get him fired?” she questioned in relation to the photo. “Picture never needed to be released because it does not correlate to the man that he is. She kept this pic in her arsenal with a malicious intent. This is slander and defamation.”

She added that she will not give up and will continue to fight for her friend and his innocence.

“Just so everyone is aware, Nash Carter has been living with Wes and I for months ever since she was in the hospital (which she checked herself into),” she continued in another tweet. “He’s actually been the one trying to avoid her and HER mental abuse. They haven’t been together. He went to 1 therapy session.”

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