Fox Business covers Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling


Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling promotion got some nice publicity as has covered Jarrett’s plans to launch the start-up company.

Asked if it’s the right time to jump in the game when there might be a sign that “interesting in wrestling is plummeting,” the former WWE, WCW, and TNA wrestler said he’s not nervous at all.

“Investors may be disappointed but the increase in rights and TV fees speaks volumes as to how much interest is in the wrestling world,” Jarrett told Fox Business.

Jarrett said that the company will face an uphill battle but eventually believes that the success of Global Force Wrestling will be from the talent involved.

Jarrett, who still remains a minority owner in TNA despite him quitting the company last year, said that there’s a lot of interest about GFW from veterans, beginners, “and everything in between.”