Filmmaker ready to drop a bombshell on Roman Reigns and WWE in steroid scandal


Filmmaker Jonny Bravo is ready to drop a big bombshell on Roman Reigns and WWE in general and said that he might have to go into hiding after the documentary is released “shortly.”

Bravo claims that Reigns was one of the many who submitted orders for illegal steroids on the Wellness Fitness Nutrition LLC website using “very creative aliases” and he went through tens of thousands of orders to get the information.

“The WWE and WFN report is complete. Along with the former WWE legend who placed over 140K in orders with WFN. Were they distributed to other WWE stars and who was aiding the distribution?” Bravo asks.

He said that this documentary will not only show the evidence that Roman Reigns was a frequent client of WFN, but will also reveal all the former and current WWE Superstars and their connection to the scheme.

“It will contain shipping info with tracking, phone records, and orders directly from the WFN database,” he added.

If the evidence against Reigns is rock solid, it will put the WrestleMania main event in grave danger as WWE would have to act to save face on a public story that could be very, very damaging to the company.

Roman Reigns has denied any involvement in the case.