Enzo Amore thanks fans at appearance in New York’s Times Square


A large number of fans showed up at Times Square in New York City on Monday night to greet the former WWE Cruiserweight champion Enzo Amore.

Amore was making his first public appearance since late January after he was fired from WWE following a story that surfaced where he was accused of raping a young female by the name of Philomena Sheahan. The case has since been closed by Phoenix PD after not enough evidence was found to corroborate the rape story.

In footage shot by W-O reader Adam Glyn, Amore arrived in Times Square surrounded by several big men and said that he’s been busy “writing scripts, screenplays, directing, producing, and making music on the low” and will soon drop a lot of content.

Seeing the large crowd which showed up for his appearance, Amore said that he can’t even believe this is real and he sure didn’t script this, saying somebody up there must be pulling some strings. “I don’t know what’s going on, bro! It’s insane,” Amore said.

When asked if we will see him back wrestling and maybe in WWE, Amore said he owes every degree of gratitude to his fans because if it wasn’t for them, Enzo Amore would have never existed in that business. He added that for his size, you’re not supposed to make it in the wrestling business and everyone is trying so you don’t make it “but with the fans, they couldn’t take me off the screen.”

He said that he doesn’t know why he even hired a lawyer because his fans were basically his lawyers, “stalking” his accuser and making sure they report her every time she slipped. “I owe them the world, I owe them every bit of opportunity I’ve been given.”

When pressed again regarding a WWE return, Amore said that he’s just one man and that question should not be directed at him.

Amore then made his way around Times Square with tons of fans chanting “How you doin?” as he threw t-shirts for those in attendance.

You can see the video below.