Enzo Amore insists he did not know he was under police investigation


Enzo Amore is insisting that he did not know that he was under a police investigation for the alleged rape until January 22, the day he got fired from WWE.

Amore’s alleged incident with his accuser Philomena Sheahan happened in mid-October 2017 and his accuser said she filed a police report four days later. When she came out with the story in January, WWE suspended Amore but later in the day fired him on the grounds that he lied and did not disclose that he was under investigation.

“I hate to be the 1 to pull the nipple out of the baby’s mouth.. but NO. I WAS NOT CONTACTED ONCE BY THE POLICE BEFORE JAN. 22nd,” Amore said in a social media post. “Don’t believe my last tweet? Your an armchair detective? The police have an open line: call em & ask… they’ll call u back in 4 months,” he added.

The original police report has not been published so it’s not clear to see who is lying and who is saying the truth.

The former WWE Cruiserweight champion is now a free man after Phoenix police closed the case as there was not enough evidence to corroborate Sheahan’s rape story.