El Rey to air two episodes of Lucha Underground tonight


Lucha Underground just sent a press release announcing that El Rey will be airing two back-to-back episodes of the series tonight.

“A Unique Opportunity” – Tonight at 8:30 pm ET

Dario Cueto sets two 10-way matches, the Boyle Heights Battle Royal. In this can’t-miss event, he promises the victor a prize that is more valuable than the $100,000 he offered when the temple was first opened.

“Aztec Warfare” – Tonight at 9:30 pm ET

Witness the most brutal match ever as 20 luchadores face-off to become the first ever “Lucha Underground” champion and receive the coveted championship belt. Starting with just two men, the ring will be invaded every 90 seconds with a new luchadore, eliminating one-by-one until just one man stands. The only rule? Anything goes.

The new 39-episode series from Emmy Award®-winning producer Mark Burnett combines ancient lucha libre tradition, extraordinary athleticism and a flare for theatrics in each hour-long episode. Every Wednesday, viewers will have a backstage and ringside seat as masked villains and heroes tell their stories while facing off to battle for wrestling supremacy resulting in programming that is unlike anything else on the screen.