Donald Trump reveals Vince McMahon called him after Monday’s WWE-style entrance


WWE Hall of Famer and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump revealed that Vince McMahon called him after he made the spectacular entrance at the Republican National Convention on Monday, an entrance which was straight out of the WWE book.

Speaking with Chuck Todd on NBC News’ Meet The Press, Todd asked Trump about his entrance on Monday night, calling it “something else.” Trump said that he’s lucky and a few people had that idea and he went along with it. “And everything just worked right,” Trump said. He also revealed that they wanted him to repeat it on Thursday night when he accepted the nomination but Trump shot down the idea because it would have never worked that good again.

“I don’t think I’ve seen that even on WWE,” Todd told Trump. “Yeah, I know. Well, Vincent’s a good friend of mine. He called me, he said, ‘That was a very, very good entrance.’ But I didn’t want to do it a second time, because, you know, it never works out the second time,” Trump replied.

The full interview will air on Sunday morning on NBC News’ Meet The Press.