Cody Rhodes publishes his post-WWE bucket list


Former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes has listed August 19 as his last day of his no-compete clause after requesting – and getting – his release from WWE last week. Most WWE contracts include a 90 day no-compete clause, preventing anyone who leaves from showing up anywhere else before a three month period.

Teasing his return, Rhodes uploaded a photo of a bucket list with around a dozen items including opponents he would like to wrestle. Names include Adam Cole, Dalton Castle, “The Miracle” Mike Bennett, Kurt Angle, Young Bucks, and others. Also in the list are BOLA – Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s Battle of Los Angeles event – and personal ring announcer, something that his wife and former Smackdown announcer Brandi Rhodes could do.

Another former WWE Superstar, Wade Barrett, replied to Rhodes with his own take of a bucket list, listing only Papa Shango as a joke. The Young Bucks photoshopped Cody’s picture with their own take but instead of different names, they put in the word Superkick repeatedly.