Cody joins The Bullet Club faction in NJPW


Former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes is the newest member of the Bullet Club. The announcement came at the NJPW World Tag Team Finals which took place yesterday and Kenny Omega, the leader of the group, was tasked with the reveal.

A very good promotional video was shot to reveal Cody’s addition to the group. “You know me as the son of a plumber, you know me as Dashing, and the Prince of Dark Matter. The star that left them in the dust,” Cody says as he is sitting down smoking a cigar. He then revealed his new nickname.

“Is the world ready for the American Nightmare?” he questions, before putting out the cigar on a Wrestle Kingdom 11 logo, suggesting that he will make his NJPW debut on the annual show which takes place on January 4 at the Tokyo Dome.

You can see the video below.